Can I use The Original SIN Sunscreen even if I don’t have a tattoo?

Yes, anyone can use our sunscreen, it’s just that people with tattoos love it as it not only protects it with a broad spectrum it enhances the colour without being greasy.

Why can’t I use any other sunscreen on my tattoo.

You can use other sunscreens but people are not happy with the way zinc looks on the skin. It makes it cloudy and white, usually it’s thick and greasy to get a high protection. We have 4 other active ingredients to give it the broad spectrum of protection without the white pigment and grease. Everyone also enjoys the natural ingredients of Aloe & Vitamin E that helps to heal & hydrate their skin all the time, hence looking and feeling youthful. The best part is the Natural Tapioca Starch that leaves a dry touch so it dries immediately and no sand or dirt will stick to you.

Can I use your sunscreen on children?

Our products my be used on children, however it is best used on children over the age of 5 years..The product is TGA approved, 4 hours water resistant with 50SPF. What makes it great for children is that it dries quickly which helps sand and dirt not stick to them.

How is the sunscreen best used?

The Original SIN Sunscreen is best used when applied as a moisturiser in the morning and then 3/4 hours later. At least 20 mins before you go in the sun for best results and every 3/4 hours after.