tattoo4Original SIN is about protecting your story…..

Tattoos have never been so popular. Gone are the days when only military and sailors took on tattoos. Today, more than 50% of Australians have one or more tattoos. In fact, one in three of us under the age of thirty now have body art. The trend is rising and our Australian climate lends itself to a lifestyle where tats are being shown more.

Tattoos are now an accepted part of Australian culture.

Why Original SIN?

The sun is the number one enemy of a tattoo. Individuals will spend thousands of dollars on tattoos expressing a story of love, loss, joy and hope – a story that needs to be protected. When exposed to the sun, tattoos begin to fade and blur. Also, zinc as used in some sunscreens causes fading. Don’t get to the point where an aged dull tattoo needs re-inking which is an expensive and painful process. Cherish your story and protect it for the long term.

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