The Original SIN protects your skin and your tattoo.

The sun is the number one enemy of a tattoo. Individuals will spend thousands of dollars on tattoos expressing a story of love, loss, joy and hope – a story that needs to be protected. When exposed to the sun, tattoos begin to fade and blur. Also, zinc as used in some sunscreens can cause fading. Don’t get to the point where an aged dull tattoo needs re-inking which is an expensive and painful process. Cherish your story and protect it for the long term.

The Original SIN is a specifically formulated tattoo sunscreen to protect your story.

  • Broad spectrum with a higher UVA & UVB protection SPF50
  • Zinc free to help enhance colour
  • Contains Vitamin E and Aloe Vera which may assist in healing and hydrating
  • 4hrs water resistant
  • Contains natural Tapioca Starch for a dry touch finish
  • Helps protects tattoos from fading.

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Mat RogersBeing a professional athlete and outdoors for a living, protecting myself from the sun has been imperative.

I’ve found it difficult to find a sunscreen that is easily applied and non greasy- not to mention not leaving you looking like a ghost glowing white.

The Original SIN has the answer!

A dry touch non-greasy sunscreen that applies easily smells great and protects not only from sunburn but the stories on my body. No – one would want to look at a Picasso through dirty glass .So no I don’t want to show my tattoos burnt and faded. This is the perfect product for everyone including my kids, wife and any person who wants to protect them from the sun.

Protect Your Story
Mat Rogers


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